To contact us via phone, please call 828-484-7836 until our old number is working again.Tibetan Spirit has recently moved its place of business. Setting up the new space is ongoing. Please bear with us as we reorganize and re-categorize our inventory. Thank you. We appreciate your business!

About Tibetan Spirit

Greetings from Asheville, North Carolina – the home of Tibetan Spirit! Tibetan Spirit is owned and operated by Urban Dharma NC, a Buddhist center and community-in-progress in western North Carolina. It is our mission to offer high-quality, yet affordable, Dharma supplies to practitioners and communities that do not have easy access to such items. Tibetan Spirit has been in this business for over fifteen years. Tibetan Spirit has a long tradition of donating a portion of its earnings to the support of Tibetan Buddhism. In the past, funding has gone to the education, housing, medical support, and general welfare of monks and nuns. We are very happy to announce that as of October 2011, with Urban Dharma NC’s ownership of Tibetan Spirit, we have taken the mission of Tibetan Spirit to a new and even more ambitious level–100% of the profits of Tibetan Spirit now go towards the support of Tibetan Buddhism and Dharma projects!