Yellow Dzambala (powder)


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Blessed with the Yellow Jambhala puja. Jambhala is the deity of wealth and abundance and this incense invokes those blessings and brings them into our lives. When we cultivate generosity and openness and burn this incense, it will enhance our sense of abundance and wealth which will in turn attract more abundance and wealth of the spiritual, emotional and material types.

This Tibetan incense is hand manufactured based on the principles of the Buddhist medicinal system. According to the Tibetan indigenous medicinal theory, this blend of juniper, beddlelium, nagi, ambergriss and other ingredients helps to relieve tension, stress, anxiety, depression and irritability. Also recommended for use during offering practices to the different gods & goddesses.

100 grams. 100% natural. No animal extracts. No bamboo stick.

To burn powder incense you can:
a) Use incense sticks: Break a stick of regular Tibetan incense into 2″ sticks and light all of them. Place lit sticks in a bed of ash and sprinkle this powdered incense on the entire length of the lit incense sticks. Or,

b) Use charcoal: After a piece of charcoal is glowing, liberally sprinkle the powdered incense on burning charcoal.

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