Medicine Buddha (powder)


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Blessed with Medicine Buddha puja, this powdered incense is prepared based on the “Four Tantras” of the Tibetan medical tradition. In particular, this blend is associated with the healing powers of Medicine Buddha. Burning this incense can help contribute to a deeper sense of wellness, wholeness and healing. It can also be used to heal spiritual and emotion harm in ourselves, our environment and others around us.

This Tibetan incense is hand manufactured based on the principles of the Buddhist medicinal system and follows the prescription of a historical yogin. According to the Tibetan indigenous medicinal theory, this blend which includes sandalwood, juniper, ganden khenpa, and other precious herbal medicinal ingredients can be used for healing and for offering to deities.

No animal extracts. No bamboo stick. 100 grams. 100% natural.

To burn this:

a) With incense sticks: Break a stick of regular Tibetan incense into 2″ sticks and light all of them. Place lit sticks in a bed of ash and sprinkle this powdered incense on the entire length of the lit incense sticks.
b) With charcoal: After a piece of charcoal is glowing, liberally sprinkle the powdered incense on burning charcoal.

This incense can also be used for smudging.


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