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The main offering-substance for sang-offerings (cleansing smoke-offering) is juniper. To this basic offering one could add other aromatic plants, resins, woods, herbs, spices, the “three sweets” and “three whites” and tsampa-flour. We have sourced our juniper from the mountainous regions of Nepal, on the highland borders of Nepal and Tibet where the most aromatic and blessed juniper can be found. Traditional Himalayan and Tibetan peoples perform sang-offerings on a daily basis as a means to cleanse spiritual polluti0n (Tib. dripa).

Each bag is 4 oz in weight. We have very limited quantities available.

To use this and other sang-powder incense, sprinkle a few pinches of this over a burning piece of coal. Alternatively, break a stick of incense into inch-long portions and light the tips of several portions and lay them on a bed of ashes. Sprinkle a few pinches of this powder on top of the incense portions – don’t sprinkle too much of the powder as it may snuff out the lit incenses.

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