Achi sang-powder mix


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This Achi incense powder contains white and red sandalwood, agarwood, the “six precious substances,” juniper, pallu leaves (dwarfed non-toxic rhododendron that only grows in high altitude of 9000 feet above sea-level), khenpa herb (Tibetan sage) and many other fragrant and healing resins, herbs and woods. It has the ability to clear & purify obstacles, fill your space with fragrance that results in clarity of mind. This powdered incense is prepared based on the instructions of the Drikung medical tradition.

[To burn this: take a stick of Tibetan incense and light it, placing it on a surface of ash (ash from a fireplace or accumulated ash from incense burning). Lightly sprinkle this powdered incense on top of the entire length of incense and your smoke-offering is ready!]


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