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Sungkhors (lit. “protection-chakra”) are protective charms/amulets that contain miniature mandalas of specific deities folded and covered with intricate handwoven colored string designs stipulated by tantric texts of the specific deities. This is both a form of “liberation through touch” as well as “liberating through seeing.”

Although all enlightened deities are perfect in their blessing qualities, each deity is often associated with a different enlightened quality. The practice of Simhamukha is said to repel negative forces directed at us, to overcome the influence of curses, black-magic and ill-will.

This amulet can be worn around the neck or placed inside your pocket, your wallet or handbag. You can also hang it at home or in your car.

[Note: Although these sungkhors can be worn immediately, it is often advised that owners have them personally blessed and consecrated by a qualified lama to unlock the maximum effect of these powerful protective charms. Tibetan Spirit can arrange for this if a qualified lama isn’t available in your area. Much of what’s available online sungkhors “pre-blessed by high lamas” are of dubious origins unless the seller is directly associated directly with a bonafide Buddhist organization or monastery – always ask!]

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